David Whelan, 30, of Westerly

Died Sunday, April 8, 2018

David Whelan

David had a million dollar smile, a sense of humor, and a set of baby blue eyes that won the hearts of all who met him, writes his family. He had the quickest of wits and a collection of size 15 Jordans to be jealous of. He could make a room full of people laugh. And laugh, and laugh, and laugh.

Timothy Hughley, 36, of Groton

Died July 16, 2018.

Timothy Hughley

Tim was a very loving and proud father of his son who is now 19 and his nieces, John's daughters. "He wasn't as much of a mommas boy but absolutely loved me and was protective of me. He had a radiant smile that wouldn't quit and a wonderful sense of humor."

John Hughley Jr., 31, of Groton

Died December 14, 2010

John Hughley Jr.

He was a loving husband, father of two, brother, uncle and son. Writes his mother, "He was not ashamed that he was a momma's boy. Not a day went by that he didn't stop by call or text me. John had a huge warm and friendly smile that could light up the darkest room."

Kaitlyn Knapp, 21, of Danbury

Died December 29, 2016

Kaitlyn Knapp

She was a daughter, granddaughter, niece, girlfriend and best friend, writes her family, who made just one detrimental choice that ended her life. She loved animals of all kinds and hated spiders and flies. The 21 years she had on earth were not long, but she possessed a wonderful personality, and anyone who knew her will never forget her.

Todd Morin, 43, of Baltic

Died July 1, 2017

Todd Morin

Todd made his living as a masonry laborer, but was a jack-of-all-trades, able to fix anything, and a skilled carpenter. He was a friend to the underdog and very kind-hearted, always helping those in need. He would often do free car repairs for those who couldn't afford to have them fixed. Todd was a good soul who is sadly missed by his son, granddaughter, brother, parents, extended family and friends.

Danny Majchrzak, 24, of East Lyme

Died Feb. 3, 2017

Danny Majchrzak

From his family: Danny touched so many lives during his short time here. He loved to talk and get to know people of all kinds. Dan was especially sensitive to those who are often unseen by others – the homeless and disadvantaged. If he had a dollar he'd give it. If there were no dollars then he'd share a joke or a "hello" and let them know they mattered. Warm, loyal, kind and hilarious- that was our Dan.

MacKenzie Catherine Gregory, 20, of Navarre, Fla.

Died March 19, 2018

MacKenzie Catherine Gregory

She was the sister of Ashley Hogstad of Groton. She was attending Northwest Florida College and wanted to study Marine Biology. Her true passion was fashion, her family said, which was reflected in her dress and decor. "Kenz" had a big heart and considered nobody a stranger after meeting them, according to her obituary.

Damien Perretta, 52, of Portland

Died October 9, 2015

Damien Perretta

His daughter, Amber Perretta writes, "My father struggled with addiction for most of his adult life, but that didn't change the man he was. My father was a loving husband, amazing father, a good friend and a hard worker. My father was my heroin and best friend. He left behind his wife, his four kids and soon to be three grandkids that he never got to meet." She also wrote that the day she lost her father, she found herself. "Every day I fight my own addiction, but I know there is hope and a better way of living. I am living proof of that."

Steven M. Dunn, 46, of Norwich

Died Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2017

Steven M. Dunn

From his family: Steve had the most amazing heart. Even when he was down and out, he'd still give anyone the shirt off his back. He loved kids. They made him light up more than anything. He was an amazing friend who listened and never judged.

Steven John Maccione, 26, of Pawcatuck

Died January 10, 2018

Steven John Maccione

He lost the battle to addiction, but not without trying endlessly to fight it, wrote his mother, Jenn Maccione. She said he loved with his whole heart and was "an eagle among a flock of birds."

"Steve would want me to say love and acceptance are cruicial in this battle of opiate addiction. Don't give up! Change is hard. It may take years, but you'll win if you keep trying. Don't hate the addict. Hate the poison controlling them."

Amanda Judd, 29, of New London

Died June 17, 2014

Amanda Judd

From her family: Amanda Judd was a peace-loving, free spirited young woman who loved her friends deeply and could make anyone feel like family. Her greatest joy, accomplishment and passion in life was being a mother to her two children: Raheem, and her mini-me, Ava. Amanda was very creative and loved crafting. She also loved rainbows, anything moons and stars and the color pink. 29 years too young; our sister, daughter, best friend, cousin, and mommy is now our angel.